“Seismic” Events in IT Services

Successful VARs Understand the Importance of Hiring by Jason Beal / Ingram Micro
August 5, 2008, 10:38 am
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There is an old expression that says, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”  Although there is a good amount of humor in this metaphor, there is also a great amount of truth in it.  Having worked with many solution providers on their staffing strategies in recent years, I’ve seen the hiring (and compensation) strategies of VARs of all sizes and shapes.  There are some solution providers who are willing to pay (and want to pay richly) for high-end, specialized talent at higher-end salaries.  Conversely, there are solution providers who reject good resume after good resume because they are unwilling to pay a market-appropriate rates for highly-qualified, hard-to-find talent.  With the trends in the IT channel towards high-end, emerging technologies focus and solution provider specialization, uniquely qualified talent is becoming one of the most critical success factor for VARs. 


One local solution provider in Southern California, KnowledgeCentrix, embodies the hiring, compensation, and benefit practices of successful organizations. Chris Andreozzi, Founder and President/CEO of KnowledgeCentrix, only wants to hire highly-qualified, uniquely-skilled talent. He strives to find those diamonds in the rough; he knows what he needs to pay to recruit and retain them.  KnowledgeCetrix’s benefits and “total compensation” package is on par with Fortune 500 companies. It is not a coincidence that his business is growing astronomically fast. He has a solid management staff and a team of unbeatable engineers.


A well-qualified Cisco engineer who is appropriately paid $30,000 higher than another less qualified, less certified Cisco engineer will certainly yield multiples more than $30,000 in billable profit to his or her company.  Each and every resource at your company is critical.  I encourage you to maximize each hire by finding those diamonds in the rough, finding unique talent, and then paying them appropriately.     

-Jason Beal


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