“Seismic” Events in IT Services

Bad First Impressions Are Hard to Overcome by Justin Crotty
February 19, 2008, 10:09 am
Filed under: Ingram Micro, IT Distribution, Managed Services

One of the great benefits of a well-executed managed service strategy is the improvement of customer satisfaction levels with your suite of capabilities.  Solution providers around the country are finding that a properly executed managed services offering can improve customer satisfaction levels right along side profits and revenues. 

Every business owner or manager knows the inherent problems in poor customer service.  Especially when that customer experience is the first one a potential partner has with your company.  Often times you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.

So what do you do when such an issue comes to your attention?  The best defense is not defensive at all.  Own up to your mistakes or shortcomings, pledge to try harder and resolve the concerns, and ask that the offended party give you another chance.  Sometimes they will.  Often they won’t.  In either case its an expensive and humbling lesson. 

Excuses and deflections will never fly.  Honesty and perserverance might.




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[…] ABSOLUTELY classy response to a customer service mis-step which appears on the Ingram Micro blog, First Impressions are Hard to Overcome. So what do you do when such an issue comes to your attention?  The best defense is not defensive […]

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[…] PLUS, another difference between now and then is that advertisers can watch their customers enter into candid conversations via the new media options such as blogs and social networking sites. A Google alert is an effective tool anyone can use to notify you that a wronged customer is airing a complaint on the web!  (On the positive side, you do have a chance to issue a public apology in response.) […]

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