“Seismic” Events in IT Services

Welcome to the Seismic Blog! by Justin Crotty
January 29, 2008, 5:19 am
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If its happening in IT services its happening here (or soon will be).  You’ve stumbled upon the Seismic blog – a decidely un-corporate, informative, and entertaining place to understand the services evolution transforming the IT channel. 

Ok, so that sounds really grandiose.  To be frank, I’d rather be a quarterback in the NFL and playing in the Super Bowl.  In lieu of that, selling IT services isn’t too bad.  It just doesn’t have the supermodels, the TV endorsements, or the glamour that the NFL offers.  That doesn’t mean we can’t make it interesting and fun while making a few bucks together. 

For those of you who worry that the capitalist pigs have overthrown the blog world and that this is just another example of Corporate America using a blog to drive revenue and profits….well….you’re partially correct.  But rest easy.  Together we’ll make sure this blog is informative, accurate, and valuable to those who find IT services interesting.  And let’s never lose sight of the fact that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Stay tuned.  Peace – Justin    


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